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Bantam Cochin

Calico / Mille

Blue & Black Mottled


I Specialize in breeding quality bantams but be warned they are very addictive.


The cochin bantam is one of the most popular feather legged bantams to own. They are small balls of fluff, docile, and a wonderful addition for any backyard flock.


Production: Cochin bantams are not great producers of eggs, however a hen may lay around 3 eggs a week if not more. Cochins are also known to go broody and make exceptional mothers.


Temperament: Cochin bantams are extremely gentle birds. They make wonderful pets and great incubators since they can brood and raise their own chicks. They do well with limited space and confined area, however can be allowed to free range with supervision. Due to their size and temperament, they are susceptible to hawks and predators during the day and night.

Calico / Mille Bantam Cochin

Blue & Black Mottled Bantam Cochin

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