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Blue Laced Red Wyandotte


The Wyandotte chicken has always been a very popular.

They are a beautiful chicken that also doubles as a wonderful egg layer.


As a member of the Wyandotte family they will be a reliable egg layer and friendly with humans.

They will produce around 4/5 large eggs per week and are known to lay even during the winter months. This works out at around 200 large brown eggs a year. Wyandottes will reach point of lay around 16-20 weeks (usually later rather than earlier).

Wyandottes were created for cold weather climates so a bit of snow and ice does not bother them much at all. They will tolerate warmer climates too just make sure they have enough shade and plenty of water.


You can expect hens to weigh around 6½lb and roosters should come in around 8½lb. Their fluff makes them look even larger!


Blue Laced Red Wyandottes are a calm, docile and dependable breed.

Wyandottes are fairly quiet and peaceful and will be friendly enough to their keepers. They will enjoy your company while walking around the yard looking for treats or helping you with gardening – a task they love.


Although they rarely go broody they do make great mothers and are very attentive to their chicks.

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