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Opal Legbar

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Opal legbars were created by Candace Waldon.  The idea came by using an Isabel leghorn and crossing them with Cream Crested Legbars.  Through selective breeding, creative thought process, and creating the perfect bird, Opal Legbars became more of a reality than a dream. Candace has spent years developing this beautiful bird through multiple generations. The Opal Legbars are by far more than just a beautiful bird; they are auto-sexing at birth, and lay wonderful blue eggs.   The birds are lavender barred and have adorable crests.  Males have the barring pattern along with gold highlights.  Females are either pearl grey with silver barring or light-yellow coloring around their necks.  The birds will have a silver or peach breast color. From a distance and in the sun, these birds are just beautiful.  They glimmer multiple colors of lavender, silver, and peach.  These birds are very striking and envious to any chicken fancier. These birds are great in confinement and free range. Our birds were purchased directly from Candace’s Opal Legbar program and are the product of her multiple generational breeding program. We have selected to offer the crested variety for Opal Legbars. Our breeders hatched in later summer of 2020. We hope to offer them in Summer of 2021.


Opal Legbars lay bountiful quantities of blue eggs. As with all blue egg layers, color perception is dependent on light conditions in which they are viewed, as well as the laying cycle of the hen.

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