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Tolbunt Polish


Tolbunt Polish are relatively new on the scene of the poultry world. While Polish chickens are a very old breed, the Tolbunt coloring was not created until the latter part of the 20th century. The Tolbunt coloring is a mixture of white, brown, and black. The unique thing about Tolbunt polish is that they are a laced mottled breed, which means instead of just being mottled they are mottled ,but with a lace around the mottled feather. The combination of these colors in the Tolbunt pattern are sure to grab your attention. Tolbunt Polish come in two varieties smooth and frizzle. My flock consists of both varieties, therefore any eggs or chicks will have a chance of being smooth or fizzle.


Tolbunt Polish are one of the quietest and mildest behaved chicken breeds. They are ideal for urban dwellers as well as rural occupants who would love a calm bird that not only has a remarkable appearance but can lay a descent amount of medium white eggs. Males will grow to approximately 6 pounds with females reaching 4.5 lbs.

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