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Coming Soon (Summer 2021)


Welsummers are beautiful birds, sought after for their dark brown eggs, as well as their lovely personality and temperament! Welsummers are a very popular chicken in backyards across the world - for a number of great reasons.


Personality and Temperament

Welsummers are very calm, friendly and docile birds that fit in egg-ceptionally well to urban and rural backyard flocks. They don’t mind being handled by their chicken keepers, and are happy to be kept in a run enclosure area if you can’t let them free range. If they can be let out, they will love foraging and exploring the backyard as well.


Incubating and Hatching

Welsummers are known to display broody behaviour, predominantly in the springtime - so if you want them for hatching fertile eggs, then this season is your best bet.


Egg Behaviour

Welsummers are average egg layers, producing around 180 eggs each year. However, the pigment of the eggs is far from ordinary - the eggs that come out are a beautiful deep brown color with darker speckles.



The Welsummer is a beautiful, strong chicken whose feathers absolutely gleam in the sunlight. They have quite an upright stance, with a flat, long back. Their large comb is bright red, and their legs a vivid yellow - a colour that fades into summer.

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