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Speckled Sussex


Sussex chickens are a brilliant addition to any backyard chicken coop looking for a chook with grace, a friendly nature and a little grit. Their long and distinguished family background and kind and curious nature make Sussex chickens perfect for novice chicken keepers and those wanting a friendly hen to add to their growing backyard menagerie. You’ll never be alone with a Sussex chicken as these girls make wonderful companion birds. They enjoy the spoils of being part of their beloved family, foraging alongside you and taking a turn about the garden grounds, but are just as content when mingling with their fellow splendid fowls in the garden, the coop or the chicken run.


One of the most popular and oldest of the Sussex varieties is the speckled Sussex. They were developed 100s of years ago and continue to be a favorite thanks to their dazzling speckled contrasting plumage and docile, friendly character. 


Sussex chickens are not just an agreeable temperament and a sweet personality, they are also made of tougher stuff! Their strong constitutions and gracious grit make them perfect for cold conditions and ready to handle some heat. They have bold and full bodies with a wide flat back and a short but perfectly proportioned tail. A sussex chickens’ plumage is brilliantly resplendent no matter the hue of their feathers.



Don’t let their aristocratic pedigree fool you. They are good and regular layers, one hen will supply you with 200 to 250 brilliant brown or tinted eggs per year.


They will even lay their little miracles in chilly conditions, not at all troubled by the biting cold of a crisp winter morning. Their gift of eggs is, of course, just an extra advantage of having such a wonderful and gentle chook in your flock.

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